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About Us

We are pioneer in professional training provider in latest technology started by a group of veteran techies worked in top companies

Zoomtute caters to all individual from novice to IT professionals to provide professional job oriented training as well as to upgrade their skills in various latest technologies trending in IT industry. We endeavour to make our learners to become competent to get the opportunity in the market.


We do not use recorded session to provide trainng. We believe to go with learning under some expert trainer available in class to demonstrate the concept and clarify doubts on spot.


We do believe to have hands-on experience with the real problem and solution to make you competent in developing application

Live Project

Our Live project will give you real industry level experience to tackle real programming challenge and follow software development life cycle using Agile or Scrum methodology

about zoomtute
about zoomtute


Our Skilled Experienced Trainers will provide you practical knowledge classes with 15+ Real Time Projects, interview question and answers, project case studies and many more to make you technical expert.

Our learning program is designed such a way to encourage you for thought process to understand the concept easily and which evantually help you to provide solution of any real technical problem.

corporate training


If you are a company and need to sharpen up the IT Skills of your employee, zoomtute might be the perfect one to partner with.

Our Corporate Training will help your resources to expand their skill set in various technologies and thus help you to add more business value while keeping a control on the training costs.

These programs are custom designed and focus mainly on practical Hands-On experience.


We are mainly providing training in .Net, Java, Hadoop, Angular, Node.js and Python.

Microsoft .Net

Free. Cross-platform. Open source. A developer platform for building desktop, web, mobile, IoT, gaming apps. One Platform, your skills, code, and favorite libraries apply anywhere you use .NET.

Oracle Java

Java is expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet. It is the most popular programming language for Android smartphone applications and is among the most favored for edge device and internet of things development.


Hadoop is great for MapReduce data analysis on huge amounts of data. Its specific use cases include: data searching, data analysis, data reporting, large-scale indexing of files, and other data processing tasks using what’s colloquially known in the development world as “Big Data.”


Learn one way to build applications with Angular and reuse your code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.


Node.js allows the creation of Web servers and networking tools using JavaScript and a collection of "modules" that handle various core functionality. Modules are provided for file system I/O, networking, binary data, cryptography functions, data streams, and other core functions. Node.js's modules use an API designed to reduce the complexity of writing server applications.


Python is a general purpose programming language. Hence, you can use the programming language for developing both desktop and web applications. Also, you can use Python for developing complex scientific and numeric applications. Python is designed with features to facilitate data analysis and visualization

Why choose us?

Zoomtute provides a comprehensive range of training and consultancy services. We work with you to meet and then customise or design a program that meets the learning and professional outcomes of your team and organisation.

Expert Trainer

Zoomtute's trainer are having almost decades of experience in different technologies and developing real projects not just in theory. We show all the real time scenario to implement with the chosen technology.

Practical Approach

Zoomtute believe to follow practical approach to hands-on the technology where for on demand requirement developer can start thought process to provide the solution and implement the same in language.

Real Project

Zoomtute also believe to have experience with real time problem and its solution. We provide wide range of real projects or module where candidate can demonstrate the skill and get confident to deal with any development challenges.






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